Cologne-based Indie act EESE first came up as a trio of the three longtime friends Luca Fleer, Pablo Borde and Max Roling back in 2017.

In combination of their diverse musical influences ranging from Post-Rock over Indie and Hip-Hop to Techno they found their own experimental and unique sound on their self-produced debut-EP "Money". After playing some first shows and building up a small but steady fanbase they concentrated on writing music again which led to the release of their single "Odd Repair" in late 2019. From that point on they gained the attention of established blogs like Tonspion, who compared their sound to the well-known german acts Xul Zolar and Sizarr and attributed the ability to conquer the german Indietronic-scene to them. In 2020 they also played support for Klangstof in Artheater Cologne which was one of the last concerts that took place that year. With the start of the Corona-pandemic, EESE found a new bandmember in Leon Jander who took on the fourth big role in sound definition, songwriting and production. Together they wrote and produced their new four song EP which will be released soon.